woodyblog! is dead, long live woodyblog!

Months of soul searching culminating in a caffeinated fit of file deletion and re-setup as I bombed my old movable type blog and created this WP version today at approximately 2:30 PM PST today. Weeks of the old site being linked farmed by spammers took it’s tole on me, not to mention the volley of recommendations from friend and colleagues about me finally using WordPress over Moveable type, and finally my need to focus more on just writing, and less on design and maintenance all lead me to creating this profile.

Although I’m planning to have an install of wordpress on my own server, this will be a nice in-betweener for now, perhaps posting to wordpress.com will lead for more friends and strangers giving me a read.

So who am I? My name is Jerome Woody (hi). I currently work as the web developer for Grist Magazine, a great, muckraking site of humor-tinted environmental news and commentary. I’ve a native upstate-newyorker who moved to Seattle for graduate school (library science), and just stayed. I live with my girlfriend, who is an assistant producer at KEXP and is just crazy enough to love me, and with a cat who’s just crazy.

I have an almost unhealthy obsession with information, media, and technology. I’ve studied information science for six years and have been working for journalists as their go to tech guy for even longer. This blog will be mostly about that obsession, from Twitter to Ted Koppel if you will. Anyway, that’s my intro, I’ll try to be interesting most of the time, especially with the link sections.


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