Grist gets more props gained some props from our colleagues across the Atlantic today. Our blog Gristmill gained top spot on The Times Online must read list of Green blogs. Says The Times:

The green blog from the other side of the pond. Grist Mill has dozens of posts a day, a veritable army of contributors and is as happy number crunching as it is doing the fun stuff.

Notice “the” in the sentence being italicized, awesome. Speaking of online media sites, the New York Times has a great blog called Open. It’s from their website developers, geared towards the open source community. It’s great to read some professional blog from people who do exactly what I do, write code for a news site. Although there are so man news websites out there, you rarely see any industry blogs out there, at least not any that are exclusively discussing this topic. It’s been out for a year now, I’ll have to look at the old post and catch up.

Speaking of media site development, we’re buiding some new site widgets using a new web service called Sprout. The best way to describe Sprout is that is very rapid flash development. It provides a very easy and intuitive way to create flash animations and simple flash applications. And it’s an online service, no software to download, you just to onto the website and create an account, all the development is done Sprout’s web interface. The non-coders and front end guys in a production team would like this allot, especially if they are not familiar with hard core flash development but still want the flash magic in projects. Sprout’s currently in beta, so what they offer in build components is a bit limited (they allow access to rss and xml data, but not any type of ODBC connectivity) but I would just assume that this features will be added in the near future.


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