Fool Tagging!

If your like me, you probably spend a quarter of you day scanning rss feeds, staring, tagging, emailing interesting stories. Most of your subscriptions will be from blogs like Engadget, Huffington Post, Gristmill (heh), where there aways interesting stories, and how’s editorial staff will more the likely celebrate the 1st of April by pulling a fast one on us, creating a fictional story with the hopes of it spreading throughout the media sphere until the drop the proverbial “April Fools!” line on their readers. Some people get irate by this, me, I love figuring out what stories are real and what stories are completely bullshit.

With that in mind, editors and bloggers aren’t the only ones that can have fun tomorrow, you the rss junky can get on the festivities as well by participating in a little game I call Fool Tagging . The game is simple: read your subscriptions on April 1st the way you usually do, but this time try to figure out which stories are real or which stories you thing are April Fools jokes, and using your reader (i.e., Google Reader, bloglines) or you bookmarking service (i.e., tag these stories “fool”. There are two conditions of this that have to be in place however.

  1. You have to have your fool list of stories public, either using a public/share output option in your favorite service or creating a simple web-page list of the stories.
  2. You can only add stories between 12 AM and 9 PM on April 1st. Tagging anytime afterward wouldn’t be fun because by that time the world have investigated and figured out the fakes.
  3. If you work for a media shop, you can’t include links from your site (for example, I can not post fool links from Grist or Gristmill). This rule is obvious, working there you probably know what stories would be fake (if they are fake) and not only will you spoil the story for the readers, your colleagues will probably stamp you as a rat and a spoiler until next April, and that would suck.

I’ll be tagging my list on Google Reader and sharing it at . People who want to join in on the fun are more than welcome to post links to thier lists in comments section (no, comment bots plz). I look forward to seeing what stores people accuse of being false tomorrow. Happy hunting!


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