My New Years Resolution…

I decided for my News Years resolution to start blogging again. It’s always been an a on-again, off-again affair with me and blogging, dispite the fact that I’m surrounded by bloggers in both my professional and private life. Honestly, I tend to be profondly dissapointed in what I write, perhaps my ego expects me to drop something great every time I put fingers to keyboard. 

I mean, it’s not like I haven’t being feeding thoughts into the machine, that’s what Twitter is for. But for the past months, I’ve been streaming little micro-posts and linking like a maniac, but nothing at length. But there is still an long standing urge in me to write something and put it out in the world, so for 2009, I’m going to press myself to write and write until something great comes out of it. And if it doesn’t, I’m fine with that, as long as I keep at it, something will take shape, like a muscle getting regular exercise.


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