I Love SIFF, come share the experience with me.

One of the best things about living in Seattle is attending the yearly Seattle International Film Festival. This year, I’m making a real effort to see as many films as my schedule will allow. Of course, attending the festival is more enjoying when you go with friends and fellow film enthusiasts. With that said, I’m sharing my SIFF schedule with the world. I’m no Roger Ebert, but I’ve carefully looked at every film and chose those that interested me.  I think the selection is pretty diverse, with a good mix of comedies, dramas, documentaries and action.

It will be impossible for me to see every film on this schedule, but if I can see at least half of the films on this schedule, I’ll be happy. I’ll twitter what films I’ll be going to a couple hours before the showing, and a little review via twitter afterward, or a more extensive review on woodyblog if it’s was worth more pondering. Anyway, if you want to join me for a film viewing or your going to be at the same film as me already (@kbalatero), just send me a mention/message on twitter or facebook. I’ll see you around!

Link : SIFF Schedule

FYI : I will be attending the 7:00 PM viewing of “Devil’s Town” at the Harvard Exit tonight.


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