SIFF Review : Devil’s Town

Now that I’ve seen the film, I can say that it wasn’t what I expected. From the trailer I saw, I was expecting a european sex comedy where the characters got into wacky situations. But in truth, the movie is about the lives, passions, and tragedies of the citizens of post-war serbia.

I liked the length of the film (approx 80 minutes), it kept me intereted and the pacing was fast enough for me not to get impatient (something that happens to me a lot when watching a non asian foreign film).

And although the film was serving plenty of serbian skin, it was not done for the sake of just showing skin, but as a product of love and lust being a foundation of the movie’s plot. Indeed, there are various scenes in which I regret, along with the characters, the sexual behavior they just participated in.

The timing in the film is what really stood out. The way the director used the camera to introduce the relation of principle characters was well executed.

On a final note, I know little of Serbian outside of what I read in wikipedia and from pbs (which it more than most Americans I’m sure). One aspect of Serbia that the movie pointed out is that her people are obessed with tennis. It has to be the national past time there. That type of shit interest me, you know. It’s the little things, the little tints of culture that’s so close to my own, but not. Anyway, I gave it a 3 on my judging card.

I may skip the movie I had planned tommarrow, but I’m definitely going all out this weekend, especially if I can get a hold of a pass.


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