What if “Akira” was created by Americans

Ok, so I saw this post on Japan Probe and I thought it was hilliarious. It’s a parody of the upcoming american adaption of the classic masterpiece “Akira”. Initially, I was going to post this up on Facebook, but after watching the video and thinking about it, I decided that here is a millisecond of content in it that may offend some people so I decided to post it here with proper context.

This is a parody of  American teen films, but there is a slight moment when a black character in the video is shown. Although only a split second, the character is visually looks like the classic “Sambo” depiction of African Americans with a modern spin to it, along with the reference by one of the characters in the video as a “gang member”.

Obviously I noticed it and was concerned enough to post it on my personal blog instead so I can write this mini-disclaimer. However, I still posted the video, why?

  1. The video is a parody of American teen films, which most are dominated by white characters and when they do have black characters they are depicted in a ghettoized gang context. I’m assuming that this is what the creators of this video was trying to accomplish.
  2. I HATE, HATE, HATE the idea of an American live action version of  “Akira”. Are you fucking kidding me?!? No way will this film be good, the very fact that it will not take place in Japan, in Neo-tokyo, is bad enough. I don’t care if they got the Hughes brothers to produce and direct it, it WILL BE TERRIBLE

Anyway, like I said usually I would just post in on Facebook and not give a fuck, but I don’t want friends and fam to see it and think immediately that I hating on my own. With that said, enjoy…


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