Amazon Fire

Overall, I like what I see in this tablet. It has a lot of great features, I think Amazon silk may be a breakthrough in Android browsers. The fact that it’s $50 less than my Nook Color makes me not too guilty if I pick one up myself and give the nook color away (honestly I don’t know what Barnes and Noble’s is going to do now, they better pull a rabbit out of their hats to even compete with what Amazon is offering now). I like the fact that Amazon has a tablet because you can buy the device directly from Amazon, and you don’t have to go through a mobile company like AT&T and have to sign onto a wireless plan in order to get the unit subsidized, which would still be more expensive than the Kindle Fire.

The thing I always hated about the iPad was that it was too damn expensive. You have to understand that my expensive tolerance is fairly low (Over $300 is expensive for me, and I think for a growing swath of people in this country). But I think of Moore’s law like I think of similar concepts, like gravity, that technology will get cheaper and get into the hands of more people. Digital divide wise the more information technology is in the hands of more people, the better a society is, I firmly believe that. Amazon just opened the door for consumers of lesser means to have access to as much digital content as iPad users, and I think the Amazon Prime’s $80 a year is probably the cheapest all-you-can-eat plan out there ( Netflix average out to $95 a year, Hulu Plus around $115 a year, not much more but still more). And I’m sure it will be rootable so people who know what to do can put a modded android build on it, similar to what I did for my Nook Color.

Of course the dream, the true dream, is to get a $200 general purpose tablet of decent quality. The Kindle fire is not general purpose, it’s a multipurpose tablet focused, like a laser beam, on buying and consuming content from Amazon. It has apps, but not as much as the more open Android app store. Even rooted with a more general purpose android build on it, the hardware has is no gps, no bluetooth, no HDMI out. These types of features are more known to the now we can definitely say “high-end” android based tablets like the Motorola Xoom and the Galaxy Tab.  I want those features AND I want all the content options that Amazon Kindle Fire has. I just hope that at least other tablet manufactures take this in consideration and just start dropping their prices.


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