Shower mates

In college, I lived on a floor that had more women than men. It was proposed because of this that we make all the bathrooms and showers co-ed. The men (including myself) voted “No”. We had gay men and gay women on our floor, and all the men shared the same shower rooms no matter what sexual orientation we were. 

What we were concerned about was the gender differences when it came to biology. In our minds, (either wrong or right), we thought women would be gross shower mates, you know with all that hair and periods and such. The reason why I bring this up is that there is a conversation going on about whether gay men should share the same shower rooms as straight men, and if so, why isn’t that the same as straight men showering with straight women? 

I have and I will share the same shower room as gay men, because taking a shower rarely has to do with sexuality. It is a nasty, dirty task, and I rather do it with people that share the same parts as me. I love women intensely, but I doubt I would get a rise out of seeing tons of them awkwardly scrubbing their parts just as I awkwardly scrub my parts, and I’m sure that is the same with gay men.

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